Domain Monitoring

Track WHOIS changes, get email alerts for all updates.

Keep a watchful eye on your domain names!

Our domain monitoring service allows you to track changes to a domain's WHOIS record.
This service alerts you via email when there is any change to your monitored domains.
Monitoring interval of your choice (1 Hr, 6 Hrs, 1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month) available.

What data is monitored?

Registration Status

Alerts are sent when registration status changes to any of the possible values (registered / available / reserved).

Register Date

Get alerted if there is any change in registration date of the domain name, happens during new registrations.

Expiry Date

Alerts are sent when there is a change in the expiration date of your domain name, happens mostly after domain renewals.

Domain Registrar

Get alerted as soon as your domain's registrar changes. This happens during domain transfers, thefts or hijacking.

Registrant Contact

Alerts are sent whenever we detect a change in the registrant contact information of the domain name.

Admin Contact

Alerts are sent whenever we detect a change in the administrative contact information of the domain name.

Technical Contact

Alerts are sent whenever we detect a change in the technical contact information of the domain name.

Billing Contact

Alerts are sent whenever we detect a change in the billing contact information of the domain name.

Name Servers

Get alerted whenever your domain's name server are changed. This happens whenever you switch your hosting.

Domain Status

Get alerted whenever the status of your domain name changes. This can alert you whenever a domain is unlocked.


Alert will be sent if we see any change in your domain's DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions).

Check some real world examples of our domain monitoring service: | | | |

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I start monitoring my domains?

You can add your domain names for monitoring through the Members Area.

Q. Which domain extensions (TLDs) are supported?

As with our WHOIS API, every domain extension we support can be added for monitoring.

Q. How am I billed for domain monitoring?

Every time a domain's WHOIS is checked for your monitor, a single API credit is deducted from your account balance. For example: If you have a domain monitor setup for monitoring interval of 1 Hour, it would deduct 720 (24*30) API credits from your account balance in a 30-day month. You may reload your account balance anytime to keep your monitors active.

Q. What happens if my account balance is zero?

If your account balance is zero, all your existing domain monitors will be temporarily paused.
You cannot add new domains to monitor until your account balance is positive.
You must add credits to your account balance to activate your monitors.

Q. Am I charged even if there is no changes in WHOIS?

Yes! A live WHOIS lookup is made everytime based on your chosen monitoring interval.
Your account will be deducted a single credit for each WHOIS check, irrespective of the outcome.