Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out.


Where can I get an API key?
You can generate API keys through the Members Area.
Which domain extensions (TLDs) are supported?
The latest list can be downloaded at
Will I get Raw WHOIS in JSON/XML?
Yes! Raw WHOIS will be included along with the parsed WHOIS data in both JSON and XML response. In case of .com and .net domain names, Raw WHOIS from both the domain registry and registrar will be included.
What are cached WHOIS records?
The most recent WHOIS of a domain stored in our server can be provided through cache, at a speed 10 times faster than live WHOIS. Similar to live WHOIS, you will be charged a single API query per domain name. The maximum age of cache would be 24 hours. We recommend using cached WHOIS for popular domain names, as their most recent WHOIS would be readily available in our cache.
Am I charged for empty WHOIS or failed queries?
No! Your account balance will only be deducted for successful WHOIS lookups. In case of cached WHOIS, you will be charged only if the domain's WHOIS record is present in our cache.
What are the API usage limits?
When you sign up with us, your account's initial limit is set to 25,000 queries per hour. This limit increases based on the package that you purchase. When you purchase our 100,000 WHOIS Lookups package ($90), your account's limit is changed to 100,000 queries per hour. When you purchase the Enterprise package (1 Billion WHOIS Lookups), your account's limit is permanently set to 250,000 queries per hour. If you exceed the allocated limit, access to API will be blocked for an hour. Your account limit is never decreased, even if you purchase a lower package at a later time. Please contact us if you wish to have a higher API usage limit.

Domain Monitoring (5)

How do I start monitoring my domains?
You can add your domain names for monitoring through the Members Area.
Which domain extensions (TLDs) are supported?
As with our WHOIS API, every domain extension we support can be added for monitoring.
How am I billed for domain monitoring?
Every time a domain's WHOIS is checked for your monitor, a single API credit is deducted from your account balance. For example: If you have a domain monitor setup for monitoring interval of 1 Hour, it would deduct 720 (24*30) API credits from your account balance in a 30-day month. You may reload your account balance anytime to keep your monitors active.
What happens if my account balance is zero?
If your account balance is zero, all your existing domain monitors will be temporarily paused. You cannot add new domains to monitor until your account balance is positive. You must add credits to your account balance to activate your monitors.
Am I charged even if there is no changes in WHOIS?
Yes! A live WHOIS lookup is made everytime based on your chosen monitoring interval.
Your account will be deducted a single credit for each WHOIS check, irrespective of the outcome.

Billing (3)

Can I get a free trial?
Yes! Kindly contact us with your account username and case study for trial usage. If approved, you will receive free API credits within 24 hours.
Can I get a tax invoice for my order?
Kindly contact us with your order and payment details. Once your order is processed, you will receive the invoice to your registered email address.
Can I get a refund for my unused API credits?
Unfortunately, no. All sales are final and no refunds can be issued.